Accreditations: Doctors: Beds: 350
International Patient Services: Yes
Languages: English

Arab Contractors Medical Center is committed to providing the patients with Excellent and Compassionate Health Care ranging from the Simplest to the Most Complex Medical Services . It was established in 1981 and was conceived as big and comfort-stay facility. Arab Contractors Medical Center is recognized by patients and community for its excellence and outstanding quality care. Continuous expansion and improvement plans are performed. Our unique location on the top of a green hill offers calm and peaceful setting where neither pollution nor noise. We recognize that the recovery and healing process involves much more than the physical components of an illness, so we ensure that every aspect of our hospital's design addresses the comfort that promotes healing.
Arab Contractors Medical Center offers an impressive spectrum of Advanced Medical Treatments And Personalized Health Services for all. We believe that distinct management system and professional personnel will enable us to meet our patients and community needs. Our dedicated doctors, nurses and staff are committed to making Arab Contractors Medical Center something special!

The hospital is 350-bed, ranging from economic up to luxurious suites. It has been submitted to successive stages of development including the buildings, technology and equipments, work procedures and information technology. We are proactive in providing access to care for many sectors in the Egyptian community including private patients, companies, syndicates, medical insurance organizations and Arab Contractors Company.


  • Abdel Fattah Abdel Sattar
  • Ahmed El Badawi
  • Ahmed Helmy
  • Ali Zohdi
  • Mohamed Osman
  • Salah Sarhan

Blood diseases

  • Mohamed Azzazi

Brain Surgery

  • Allaa Abdel Haye
  • Basem Mohamed Ayoub
  • Hazem Adbel Badea
  • Hesham El Semary
  • Ismail Ameen
  • Khaled Mohamed Fathi Soud
  • Mohamed Kabeel
  • Salah Abdel Khalek
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Ahmed El Husseiny
  • Ashraf Helal
  • Hassan El Sisi
  • Mohamed Aboel Dahab
  • Mohamed Hagras
  • Saeed Abdel Aziz
  • Samir Abd Allah
  • Sayed Akl
  • Waguih Saed Borae
  • Yehya Balbaa


  • Nagi Hamdi
  • Sameh Ahmed Salama
  • Sameh Saleh Sabit
  • Sameh Shahin
  • Samir Saleh Wafa
  • Soliman Ghareeb
  • Yasser Boghdady
  • Ali Ali Ramzy
  • Ali Ramzy
  • Amr El Hadidi
  • Ayman Elkadah
  • Azza Farag
  • Mahmoud Ali El Badri
  • Mohamed Abdel Ghani
  • Mohamed El Gendy


  • Hoda Abo Yousef
  • Lila Ashour Mohamed Helalah
  • Walid El Serougi

General Surgery

  • Moataz Borham
  • Abdel Rahman El Beih
  • Ahmed Farag
  • Ahmed Hashim
  • Amr Kamel
  • Ashraf Hedayet
  • Elsayed Elmahrakawy
  • Hesham Abd Allah
  • Hussein Sami Khamies
  • Mohamed Ahmed Abdo
  • Mohamed Ashraf Salah
  • Mohamed Kamal
  • Mohamed Khedr
  • Mohamed Magdi
  • Mohamed Mohsen Salem
  • Mohamed Osama Sheta
  • Mostafa Abdel Tawab
  • Sameh Wagdi Abdel Ghafar
  • Wael shaelan

Facio Maxillary Surgery

  • Ayman Faheem Hegab
  • Endocrinology
  • Mohamed Abdel Razak


  • Adel Abdel Maksoud
  • Mohamed Abdel Rahman Hegazy
  • Mohamed Nasar
  • Mohamed Shafik Khalifa
  • Nader El Fekki
  • Naema Mohamed Ismaeel
  • Osama Mahmoud


  • Ahmed Atteya
  • Amira Ahmed Adel Abdel Azeem
  • Galal Elanany
  • Hany El Shafie
  • Hussein Mohamed Hassab El Nabi
  • Mohamed Refaat El Dakhly
  • Dentist
  • Hoda Ibrahim
  • Tarek El Refai


  • Magdi Mosaad
  • Medhat Mosaad
  • Nadin Allaa El Din Sherif
  • Sherif Hanafi Hussein
  • Sherif El Tobgy

Intensive Care

  • Abdel Kawy Hamad
  • Hassan Galal
  • Hesham Ghanem
  • Khaled El Hadidi
  • Mohamed Salim
  • Soliman Nasr

Liver Diseases

  • Ahmed Shawky El Sawabi
  • Ali Gab Allah
  • Khaled Sadek Mohamed El Basil
  • Moataz Siam
  • Mohamed Reda Awwadin
  • Mona Al Amir
  • Nehad Ahmed Amer
  • Zakaria Salama


  • El Bahey Reda
  • Hussein Mohamed Hussein
  • Mahmoud Abdel Moeti
  • Mahmoud Abdel Sayed


  • Abdel Hameed El Kabesh
  • Mohamed Nabil Ahmed Salem
  • Nabil Salem
  • Adel Hassanen
  • Nagi Abdel Haleem
  • Pediatric
  • Sawsan Sayed El Meselhy
  • Yousef Gaber
  • Hany Kamal Pain Managment
  • Khaled Abdel Hameed
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Abdel Salam Abdel Ghafar
  • Adel Hassan El Adwi
  • Ahmed Hassan Yosry
  • Ahmed Zaki El Sobki
  • Ayman Hussein Goda
  • Emad Halawa
  • Hamed El Gohary
  • Ismail Atta


  • Ahmed Khalil
  • Ahmed Reda Awadeen
  • Khaled Mansour
  • Magda Mohamed Sami
  • Mohamed Abdel Moneem Hasab Allah
  • Mohamed Ali Baligh
  • Mohamed Ibrahim Ayoub
  • Tamer Ahmed Mekky


  • hmed El Husseiny Mansour
  • Mohamed Hani El Naggar
  • Mostafa El Sairafy
  • Nasr Mohamed Ali El Lahloby

Plastic Surgery

  • Allaa Gheta
  • Amr Magdi Sayed
  • Salah Abdel Ghani
  • Sherif Zamer


  • Samya Abdel Rahman


  • Ahmed Sami Saeed
  • Ali Gaber
  • Helmy El Kaffas
  • Magdi Bassiouni
  • Mohamed El Beblawy
  • Osama Hetta
  • Sameh Abdel Aziz
  • Tamer Kamal


  • Dalia Fayez


  • Eman Elabd


  • Abdel Baset El Emam
  • Amr Massoud
  • Anwar Helmy
  • Ismail Khalaf
  • Mahmoud El Sherbini
  • Mohamed El Baz
  • Omar Abdel Razak
  • Samier Sayed Azzazi


  • Mohamed Helmy El Batanoni
  • Hussein Kamal El Din
  • Hatem Abdel Azeem