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pinal fusion was formerly used primarily for conditions such as scoliosis and other spinal deformities. Today, it has become increasingly popular for treating low back pain. Spinal fusion has been used as a treatment for what's called discogenic pain — pain originating in the area of a particular disk and without involving leg pain (sciatica). If the cause of your back pain seems to be motion between segments of your vertebrae, spinal fusion may be a way to prevent motion and stop the pain. Spinal fusion involves permanently connecting or "welding" two or more vertebrae together.


osterior spinal fusion, sometimes referred to as a post-erolateral spinal fusion, is performed from an incision made in the back. The procedure entails roughening the surfaces of the transverse processes and inserting bone graft between the transverse processes. The bone is usually obtained from a patient's hip. If fusion is successful, motion between the fused segments will stop and any pain caused by abnormal motion between those vertebrae will no longer exist.

A spine fusion is a surgery performed to link together individual segments, or vertebrae, within the spine. The spinal column, or backbone, is made up of individual bones called vertebrae. These bones are stacked together. Between each of the vertebrae is a soft cushion called a disc. The disc spaces allow each vertebrae to bend slightly; this motion allows us to bend forward and arch backwards.


Hospital stay for several days is needed after surgery. There would be considerable pain and discomfort after surgery, the same may be controlled with oral and intravenous medications. It takes from several weeks to several months to heal from this surgery, depending on your age, condition and what level of activity you plan to return to. The type of healing that needs to occur after spinal fusion is comparable to recovery from a broken bone. The earliest that X-rays might reveal bone healing after spinal fusion is about six weeks.

Spinal fusion removes some spinal flexibility. This can be beneficial if movement and instability between spinal segments is what causes your pain.
However to maintain the fused spine in proper alignment the patient would be adviced on sitting, walking and standing postures. Rehabilitation program may start as early as about four weeks after spinal fusion surgery.