Coimbatore, India

Accreditations: NABH Approved Doctors: Beds: 450
International Patient Services: Yes
Languages: English

Ganga Nursing Home was started in 1978 by Dr.J.G.Shanmuganathan & Mrs.Shanmuganathan. The strength of the hospital was 17 beds. With subsequent expansions in bed strength and 'State of the art' facilities, it is now comparable to any western institution. In 1990 the Shanmuganathan Kanakavalli Speciality Centre was started by Dr.S.Raja Sabapathy and Dr.S.Rajasekaran after their return, in honour of their parents. The thrust was on introducing newer and latest techniques in various fields of Accident Surgery, Trauma and Spinal Surgery, the introduction of Microsurgical procedures, Reconstruction of severly injured limbs, replantation of completely amputated parts, advanced skeletal fixation. Reconstructive system, Microsurgery system to establish the hospital as one of the premier institutions of the country. Starting with 786 in-patients and 2686 out patients in 1992, there was a steady growth to 4900 in-patients and 9000 out patients in 1999. Patients are reffered not only from across the length and width of the country but also from the neighbouring countries.The hospital is now firmly established as one of the Premier Tertiary Referral Centres in this part of the world.

The strongest feature of the hospital has been the proper blend of clinical and academic activities and the steady and planned increase of team members so that the services provided have been all encompassing and up-to-date. Apart from being one of the the largest clinical unit, the hospital is well known for it's academic activities. From 1996 it has become a Post-Graduate institution for higher training in Orthopaedic Surgery recognised by the Board of Examination. Every year 4 candidates are selected for higher training in Orthopaedic Surgery. There are also many training fellowships offered in the specialised fields of Trauma, Hand Surgery, Micro Surgery and Hand Surgery. In 1999 Ganga Hosptial also became the first hospital in India to have a 'Hands-on Course' in Microsurgery with a unique exposure of the candidates to clinical problems and 'Hands-on' Lab experience. The hosptial also offers excellent comprehensive courses in Spine, Trauma & Hand Surgery which are very popular and sought after. The Spine Unit is recognised by the National Board of Examination as the first unit for higher training in Spine Surgery.

Coimbatore has earned the name of 'Medicity' as it has become a popular destination for various patients requiring expert medical care in many fields from all parts of India. It also attracts patients from far and wide from both developed and developing countries. Patients from the West come to India as we offer world-class surgical and patient care facilities at a fraction of the cost. Ganga Hospital is a main destination for medical tourism. The expertise in treatment especially in the field of spine surgery and arthroplasties have attracted more than 100 international patients from far and wide, some of whom are illustrious national leaders like Kirunda Kivejinja, Deputy Prime Minister of Uganda and Pascal Bukenya, Air Marshal of Uganda. The new hospital premises has been built to cater to the needs and comforts of international patients. Special executive suites allow patients to have personalized treatment in privacy but also have relatives nearby so that the stress of treatment can be minimized. These suites are also have facilities for 24 hours internet access and multi-channel TV's. Special efforts are also made to cater specific food requirements.

  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Hand and Microsurgery
  • Trauma and Neurosurgery
  • Anesthesiology
  • Dr. S. Rajasekaran, PhD
  • Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan, M.S (Orth)
  • Dr. T. Ajoy P Shetty, M.S (Orth), DNB
  • Dr. S.R. SundararajanM.S (Orth)
  • Dr. Dhanasekara Raja, D.(Orth), DNB
  • Dr. S. Pushpasekar, M.S (Orth)
    Senior Registrar
  • Dr. N. Rajkumar, M.S (Orth)
    Senior Registrar
  • Dr. K. Venkatadass, M.S (Orth)
    Senior Registrar
  • Dr. P. Ramesh, D.(Orth)
    Senior Registrar
  • Dr. Vijay Kamath, M.S (Orth)
    Senior Registrar Spine
  • Dr R Kiran, Spine fellow
  • Dr V Vinod, Spine fellow
  • Dr Ashwin Avadhani, Spine fellow
  • Dr P Rishimugesh Kanna, Spine fellow
  • Dr S Parthasarathy, Spine fellow
  • Dr Mubarak Ali, Registrar
  • Dr K P Srikanth, Registrar
  • Dr Subbiah, Registrar
  • Dr Ramalingam K, Registrar
  • Dr Ajay Gahukamble, Registrar
  • Dr B R W Amstrong, Registrar
  • Dr A Devendra, Registrar
  • Dr Ravikumar, DNB Trainee
  • Dr T Sudhakar, DNB Trainee
  • Dr Ravichandra Vattipalli, DNB Trainee
  • Dr G Sudhir, DNB Trainee
  • Dr Sathya Reddy, DNB Trainee
  • Dr Muthukumar

AM Kirunda Kivejinja
Deputy Prime Minister, Uganda

“The Almighty, the Creator of all human beings endows some with special attributes meant to serve some of his or her fellowmen in addition to serving themselves and their immediate families and friends. But it is a few that realize that they have such talents, develop them and put them to the services of human suffering with zeal and fortitude. I have discovered such a team across during my treatment of Ganga Hospital and its team while struggling for life. It has been an emotional occasion that I will leave to broadcast and propagate. I am a fully recruited member to advance all your efforts”.

Mr.Mark Biggers
Arizona, USA

“I am very thankful for your hospitality and professionalism. Your staff treated me very well. I have many new friends here. I believe I will be very happy with my hip resurfacing. God bless you all.”

Col Dr Pascal Bukanya
Director, Airforce Medical Sciences, Uganda Airforce

“It has been a great pleasure to meet and great honour to be operated and cared by you. The doctors and the staff had been very friendly and professional. This is my first visit to India and it has been a good experience. I m carrying good memories about you and your subordinates and the founder of your great hospital.”