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We are specialized cancer center in Jordan and the region! It’s your one stop for in and out patient services, clinics and hospital stays, surgeries and intensive care, early detection and diagnosis. Whether you know you have cancer or just getting a routine check-up, KHCC is where you want to be! We have a courteous, professional staff that is happily waiting to serve you with all your needs...from start to finish! Specialized care ensures that you are being treated by the most qualified individuals. Our doctors and nurses are trained in the various fields of cancer and then sub-specialized in the type of cancer they treat. Depending on the diagnosis, a team of different oncology specialists will take care of all your needs. It’s not one doctor that treats everything, rather it is a team think tank designed to give you the latest protocols and advancements in treatment. At KHCC we recognize that cancer treatment isn’t just about taking medications and making it on time to appointments. Cancer is a very emotional disease that can take its toll on patients and their families. For these reasons, KHCC has on-staff fulltime teams of ancillary service providers that offer physical and social therapies to help patients deal with their developing disease and enhance quality of life during and post care. We also provide psycho-social care, because we recognize that sometimes you need more that just a doctor or nurse to talk to about your treatment. When patients come to us at KHCC, we understand their anxiety and trepidations, that’s why we make sure to do the best we can to meet all their requests and demands. In order to meet patient needs and ensure smooth diagnosis and staging, it is essential that all diagnostic tools are available to the treating oncologists. No time is wasted as a patient’s care and treatment is started immediately. Whether a patient needs chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery or a combination of different modalities, we make sure that all services are available at just the right time. For most diseases, multidisciplinary clinics work together to deliver care. Patients are discussed in detail, even when they don’t have actual appointments. We believe it is not enough for people to exchange medical reports and notes, but rather our philosophy entails seeing people sitting at the same table and talking about the same patient. This comprehensive approach guarantees the well rounded decision making to reach the best possible outcomes.


The following elements make our service unique:

1. A multidisciplinary team of experts

2. Up-to-date cutting edge treatments

3. Extensive support services

International Patients: At KHCC, we treat our patients under standard protocols that are based on internationally approved standards. KHCC's JCI accreditedation ensures that its quality of patient care is up to Internationaly acclaimed standards.
Our mission at the International Patients' Office is to assist patients with their consultations, needs and concerns they may have about being treated at KHCC.

We can assist in the following ways:

the international patients' office by the following procedures:

  • • Provide second Consultation.
  • • Address questions or concerns patients may have about their care.
  • • Clarify our Center policies.
  • • Bridge the gap where the patients feel that that their expectations have not been met.
  • The International Patients' office Procedures:
    All international patients' requests will be handled through the international patients' office by the following procedures:

    • • The International patients' office will request full medical reports to be sent by fax or by email or by hand if the patient is already in Jordan.
    • • The international patients' office will send the medical reports with a cover page to the concerned physician after consulting with the screening clinic
    • • The physician will send the decision to the international patients' office.
    • • The international patients' office will request an estimate cost for treatment from the finance department.
    • • The international patients' office will send an official letter with an estimate cost of treatment to the patient.
    • • The international patients' office will contact the patients for arrangement.


    • Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Surgery
    • General Surgical Oncology
    • Gynecology Surgery
    • Head and Neck Surgery
    • Neurosurgery
    • Ophthalmology Surgery
    • Oral and Dental Surgery
    • Orthopedic Surgery
    • Pediatric Surgery
    • Urology Surgery
    • Thoracic surgery
    • Plastic surgery


    At KHCC we have a large team of physicians and nurses running the transplant program. In addition to the Director of the bone marrow transplant program (D.G. – Dr. Mahmoud Sarhan), there are 3 pediatric and 4 medical bone marrow transplant specialists working in the program. A dedicated hospitalist and 1-2 fellows are also vital members of the team. 4 clinical nurse coordinators and a staff of 20 registered nurses serve the floor and outpatient clinics.