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International Patient Services: Yes




  • Technical facilities required
  • • The hospital in which a kidney transplant center will be established must have the following departments: Cardiology, Gastroenterology (with endoscopy), Chest (with endoscopy), Radiology, Hematology, Pathology laboratory, Biochemistry laboratory, Nephrology with hemodialysis unit (preferably containing portable dialysis machines), and ICU.
  • • At least two operating rooms must be available.
  • • There should be at least two rooms for management of post-transplant patients.
  • Supporting Services
  • • Laboratory: All routine investigations necessary for the patients either before or after the transplantation must be available. Facilities to do tissue typing, cytotoxic antibodies and blood levels of drugs including cyclosporine or similar drugs should be available.
  • • Radiology: Conventional X-ray, ultrasound, radioisotope scanning and computerized axial tomography must be available in the hospital.
  • Drugs
  • The following drugs must be permanently available in the center:
  • • Immunosuppressive drugs: Cyclosporine, Azathioprine, Prednisolone and Other similar drugs.
  • • Drugs for treating rejection episodes such as methylprednisolone, anti-lymphocyte or anti-thymocyte globulin and monoclonal antibodies (OKT3).
  • • Solution for perfusing the organs such as Eurocollins solution or Wisconsin University solution.
  • • Drugs for treating bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic infections.
  • Consultant kidney transplant surgeon: One consultant kidney transplant surgeon with at least one year's experience from a recognized kidney transplant center must be available.
  • • Consultant nephrologist: At least one nephrologist with a minimum of one year's experience from a recognized kidney transplant center.
  • • Nursing staff: They must be highly experienced to care for the patients during and after kidney transplantation.
  • • Organ transplant coordinator must be having adequate experience in order to perform the previously mentioned duties. The coordinator can also be appointed from the above-mentioned staff.
  • • Dietitian
  • • Social worker


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  • 3) Heart transplantation
  • 4) Lungs transplantation
  • 5) Corneal transplantation
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