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International Patient Services: Yes
Languages: English

Eye Clinic Svjetlost is state of the art eye clinic in Croatia and in the region providing comprehensive and complete treatment of various eye conditions. It has been founded a decade ago by Prof Nikica Gabrić, a prominent Croatian eye surgeon. Since its foundation the number of health care providers and services within private sector has shown continues growth. Since February 2009, Clinic has moved to newly built facility which meets all the most modern requirements for a high standard health care center. Clinic is implementing a reliable, patient focused and quality approach in all their specialized health care services by putting patients’ welfare first. With world-class clinical talents who are able to manage over 3000 ophtalmological surgical procedures yearly. The new eight store clinic is situated in the center of Zagreb, with an easy access by public transportation and wide city roads. It has a private parking facility for patients and visitors.

The clinic has three major departments: refractive and corneal surgery department with eye bank, cataract and glaucoma department and retinal department. Each department has several doctors’ offices, diagnostic cabinets and a large and spacious waiting room for patients. On the fourth flour there are one and two bed apartments for patients requiring an over night stay with a 24h nurse care. On the fifth flour there is a preoperative preparation room with patients" monitoring equipment for patients awaiting surgery or recovering from surgery. Two spacious and modernly designed operating rooms are equipped with high class operating microscopes and phaco and vitrectomy machines. The air and temperature in operating rooms is carefully monitored and controlled. On the sixth flour there is a conference room with teleconference facility enabling the live video and sound transmission from the operating rooms and conference room via the internet.

  • Refractive surgery
  • Cataract surgery
  • Vasectomy
  • Corneal transplantation
  • Glaucoma surgery
  • Other surgery and services
  • Prof. Dr. sc. Nikica Gabrić
  • Prof. Dr sc. Iva Dekaris
  • Dr. Sc. Ivana Mravičić, MD,
  • Mr. Sc. Ratimir Lazic, MD,
  • Morena Gavrić, MD,
  • Ante Barišić, MD,
  • Maja Bohač, MD,
  • Ivan Boras, MD
  • Marko Vlašić, MD
  • Ivana Romac, MD
  • Maja Pauk, MD
  • Vlade Glavota, MD
  • Marija Antičić, MD