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International Patient Services: Yes
Languages: English

The Memorial Hospital is a private not-for-profit hospital and is an Adelaide Community Helthcare Alliance Incorporated (ACHA) hospital.
The Memorial Hospital has a long and proud tradition of providing first class private healthcare in the picturesque parklands of North Adelaide.
Established as a memorial to veterans of World War I, The Memorial Hospital has served the community since 1920 and has been awarded the prestigious Australian Private Hospital Association Award for Excellence. Our landmark heritage building is within one kilometre of Adelaide’s CBD and within walking distance of Adelaide Oval. It is well serviced by on and off street parking and public transport.
The Memorial offers a range of specialties, including Orthopaedic Surgery, ENT (Otorhinolaryngology) Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Ophthalmology, General Medicine, Paediatric Surgery, Rehabilitation, Sub-Acute Care, and Sleep Studies.
The Memorial is committed to providing the highest possible standards of patient care, with 115 beds, 24-hour on-site medical officers and an on-site Critical Care Unit.
In addition, on offer are on-site Radiology and Pathology services.

Our vision, mission and values describe the underlying principles by which ACHA functions. They influence all aspects of ACHA's operations and provide staff with a sense of shared identity and cultural expectation.

To be the first choice for private health Services for South Australians

Mission We are a group of private hospitals in Adelaide that provides an integrated range of quality medical, surgical and related health services in a safe environment.

We will demonstrate:

  • • A passion for excellence
  • • A commitment to quality patient care.
  • • Integrity, transparency, accountability and loyalty in relationships
  • • The provision of safe hospital enviroment
  • • A preparedness to innivate and change
  • • A commitment to financial sustainability.


Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance Incorporated (ACHA), which comprises, Ashford Hospital, Flinders Private Hospital and The Memorial Hospital is a fully accredited member of the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) who work in partnership with us in establishing standards and procedures, which underpin the primary goal to provide the best quality of service and care.

ACHA received a full four-year accreditation following survey in July 2009, gaining EA (Excellence) for 6 of the criteria in Care Evaluation, Discharge & Transfer, Infection Control, Falls Management, Incident and Complaints Management, and Clinical & Corporate Policy.
The surveyors noted that staff, managers and Visiting Medical Officers on each
ACHA campus is clearly committed to the provision of high quality care and services to patients. Whilst the surveyors recognised that the three hospitals have different physical environments, all three are welcoming and well presented facilities.
The surveyors also stated ‘the staff are welcoming and demonstrated a knowledge and commitment to the continuous improvement cycle’.
The next scheduled ACHS periodic Survey is due in July 2011.

ACHA’s commitment to quality improvement is ongoing, and current projects include:

  • • Comprehensive review of Clinical Documentation and evaluation of processes implemented to improve practice.
  • • Implementation of the Integrated Risk Register and supporting systems to ensure continual review of controls
  • • Implementation of national safety and quality strategies, e.g. hand hygiene, patient identification, World Health Organisation Surgical Safety Checklist
  • Add your content...Services:
  • • ENT (Otorhinolaryngology) Surgery
  • • General Medicine
  • • Infectious Diseases
  • • Neurology
  • • Neurosurgery
  • • Ophthalmology
  • • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • • Paediatric Surgery
  • • Plastic Surgery
  • • Rehabilitation Medicine
  • • Sleep Medicine
  • • Vascular Surgery
    • Specialists
      • • ENT (Otorhinolaryngology)
      • • General Medicine
      • • Infectious Diseases
      • • Intensivists
      • • Neurology
      • • Neurosurgery
      • • Ophthalmology
      • • Oral Surgery
      • • Orthopaedic Surgery
      • • Paediatric Surgery
      • • Plastic Surgery
      • • Rehabilitation Medicine
      • • Sleep Medicine
      • • Vascular Surgery

General Medicine

  • Dr Dellamalva, Maria
  • Dr Gieroba, Zbigniew
  • Dr Lecamwasam, Deepal
  • Dr Long, Barry
  • Assoc Prof Whitehead, Craig
  • Dr Wright, Graham

Infectious Diseases

  • Dr Richie, Brett


  • Dr Finnis, Mark
  • Dr Puddy, Andrew


  • Dr Casse, Reynolds


  • Dr Brophy, Brian
  • Dr Santoreneos, Stephen
  • Dr Vrodos, Nick


  • Dr Black, Joanna
  • Dr Casson, Robert
  • Dr Chehade, Mark
  • Assoc Prof Crompton, John
  • Dr Davis, Garry
  • Dr Galanopoulos, Anna
  • Dr McGovern, Richard
  • Dr McGovern, Stephen
  • Dr Muecke, James
  • Dr Nathan, Francis
  • Prof. Selva-Nagayam, Dinesh

Oral Surgeon

  • Dr Hearn, Brenton

Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Dr Bain, Gregory
  • Dr Bauze, Adrian
  • Dr Brook, Philip
  • Dr Clarnette, Richard
  • Dr Comley, Andrew
  • Dr Crowley, Richard
  • Dr Cundy, Peter
  • Dr Dracopoulos, George
  • Dr Ghan, Francis
  • Dr Hermann, David
  • Dr Ling, Meng
  • Dr Liptak, Matthew
  • Dr Mintz, Andrew
  • Dr Montgomery, Rory
  • Dr Penta, Mario
  • Dr Viiret, Peter
  • Dr Wallace, Brian
  • Dr Ward, Jason
  • Dr Waters, Darren

Paediatric Surgery

  • Dr Boucaut, Hilary
  • Dr Cord-udy, Catherine
  • Dr Kirby, Christopher
  • Dr Sparnon, Anthony

Plastic Surgery

  • Dr Carney, Bernard
  • Dr Coren, Robert
  • Prof David, David
  • Dr Edwards, Timothy
  • Dr Harries, Richard
  • Dr Lodge, Michelle

Rehabilitation Medicine

  • Dr Anastassiadis, Peter
  • Dr Clothier, Gary
  • Dr Crotty, Maria
  • Dr Gieroba, Zbigniew
  • Dr Huang, Lydia
  • Dr Lam, Chooi
  • Dr Lecamwasam, Deepal
  • Dr Long, Barry
  • Dr Quadros, Nigel
  • Assoc Prof Whitehead, Craig

Sleep Medicine

  • Dr Adams, RObert
  • Dr Chia, Michael
  • Dr Nikitins, Igor
  • Dr Polasek, Johnathon
  • Dr Sajkov, Dimitar
  • Dr Veale, Antony

Vascular Surgery

  • Dr King, David
  • Dr Raptis, Spero


  • Dr Arena, Salvatore
  • Dr Floreani, Stephen
  • Dr Krishnan, Suren
  • Dr Latzel, Sonja
  • Dr Marzec, Edward
  • Dr Matison, David
  • Dr Rajapaksa, Suresh
  • Dr Rees, Guy
  • Dr Robinson, Samuel
  • Dr Schembri, Mark
  • Dr Schultz, Michael
  • Dr Shaw, Leslie
  • Dr Switajewski, Michael
  • Dr Varley, Paul
  • Dr Wabnitz, David
  • Prof. Wormald, Peter